• ARC R10 1:10 EP Competition Car Kit #R100000

*This car does not include tire rim set

Fast - Using the most advance design to achieve the fast lap time
Durable - Using the precious craftsmanship and material to increase the strength
R10 is aiming for racer to go beyond myself (lap time). Design in mind with great amount of steering, sharper turn in, while having staple rear end characteristic. Making this car is easier to go fast in corner while easy to drive for everyone. With using top grade durable materials, decrease the times of maintenance and also spare parts needed. With the very best craftsmanship, bringing racers in to the next level of quality standard. Fashion with black and silver color, very cool with style.

Super narrow design 82mm, 2.5mm thickness carbon chassis

Build in Mylaps holder in bumper

Larger size of spur holder bearing

Smooth, durable and light weight gear differential set

Spring steel front and rear universal, spool cup

Smooth shock set with Teflon coated shock body

All aluminum use 7075 grade provide the maximize impact resistant

Adjustable LIPO battery holder

Wide range of selection of shock position

Center hole on chassis for adjusting balance

Wider bumper with foam

Adjustable roll center with different shim in 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1mm

Light and smooth full plastic precise gear diff.

*This car does not include tire rim set

Racing Achievements:

  • The LRP Challenge was held at Burgdorf, Germany on 27th May 2012. ARC team driver Sven Hummers took R10 car for its first international debut. Sven Hummers achieved 1st position for the 17.5T race.


  • Annual Thunder Tiger / Team Associated Electronic Touring Car Competition was held on 27th May 2012 at TiTAN Taiwan RC track. In the 1/10 Modified Qualify race, racer Leo Chen took TQ. In addition, racer Yi-Hao won the Champion with R10 at final round.


  • Body
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Servo
  • Receiver
  • Radio
  • Charger
  • Battery
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ARC R10 1:10 EP Competition Car Kit #R100000

  • Brand: ARC
  • Product Code: ARC:ARC-R100000
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  • $199.00USD

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