• HobbyWing XeRun Bandit G2 13.5T

The Hobbywing Xerun Bandit G2 Motor series is engineered for maximum power. General racing rules go by the wayside as Hobbywing engineers design this motor series for the best torque, making it ideal for tracks that use their own rules.
This motor features a stator that is wound for maximum copper fill to create largest power power. It's one-piece aluminum front can with large vents, which is machined via CNC technology, ensures the maximum airflow. The timing assembly allows easy, consistent, precise & wide range of adjustments. 200°C high temperature tolerance sintered NdFeb (Neodymium, 35EH-LT) magnets reduce the possibility of demagnetization. High temperature tolerance & high purity copper windings maximize the conductivity and high RPM precision bearings extend its service life.

The Bandit G2 series is the perfect combination of high quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. It provides the performance advantage all power-hungry racers are looking for, while only the minimum maintenance is required.


  • Extreme powerful (the output power of BANDIT G2 motor is 20% higher than the standard V10 motors), specially designed for out-law STOCK races.
  • Designed to withstand extreme levels of use at its highest peak performance.
  • Complete new CNC cut motor case with extra front spoke ventilation slots.
  • Works as a sensored unit and also sensorless without the sensor cable attached.
  • Multiple steps of mechanical timing adjustable from 20 degree to 50 degree.
  • Minimal maintenance is required with precise machining technology which ensures a minimum tolerance end play of the rotor shaft. Eliminating the copper shims used in most of todays motors.
  • 200°C high temperature tolerance and high purity copper windings maximize conductivity and reliability.
  • 200°C high temperature tolerance sintered NdFeb magnets.
  • Extreme low resistance multi-layered outlet PCB and high RPM NSK bearings.
  • Note: BANDIT G2 motor is compliant with IFMAR rules but not ROAR rules.


kV Without Load (RPM/V): 3000
Current Without Load (A): 2.4
Max. Output Power* (W): 265
Motor Diameter x Length: 36x52.5mm
Shaft Diameter x Length: 3.175x14.6mm
Pole: 2
Weight: 188g

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HobbyWing XeRun Bandit G2 13.5T

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