ARC is prod to introduce the release of the R8.0 2016. Combining all the features of the highly successful R8.0 the 2016 model includes some previously available option parts as well as new features designed to ease maintenance and improve reliability.
Notice: ARC R8.0 2016 1/8 GP Onroad Car Kit does not include engine, tyres ,wheels, servo, pipe, ESC

  • Aluminum clutch bell
  • Flex 2 speed bulkheads
  • Drilled brake disk
  • New spur height rise 1.5mm
  • New rear low shock plate
  • New shock cap and body
  • The flex 2 speed bulkheads are now included as standard, it provides more flex in the rear of the chassis resulting in improved rear end traction.
  • The drilled brake disk gives a more linear feel and helps to reduce brake temperature for less brake fade.
  • The rear lay shaft pulley is now retained by an o-ring instead of an e-clip. Not only is this solution lighter it also allows easier replacement of the pulley when required.
  • The flex 2 speed bulkheads have also been updated, raising the 2 speed lay shaft by 1.5mm which helps prevent the spur gears from touching the racing surface under extreme cornering which can lead to failure.
  • The o-ring system has also been employed on the front one way assembly to reduce weight and improve maintenance.
  • A new rear lower shock mounting plate has been designed with an additional hole, the new location moves the lower shock mounting position further out on the arm and has shown in testing to provide more traction in high speed corners.
  • The new shock body and cap have new design with larger diameter and threads. It will provide easier assembly and rebound adjustment.
  • Class: 1:8 scale onroad
  • ARC R8.0 2016 1/8 GP Onroad car kit x1pc
  • Radio gear set
  • Engine
  • Pipe
  • Body
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Tires and wheels
  • Receiver
  • ESC
  • Servo

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ARC R8.0 2016 1/8 GP Onroad #R800005

  • Brand: ARC
  • Product Code: ARC:ARC-R800005
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  • $349.99USD

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